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Rather than spend money frivolously, consumers start to search for agreements using coupons and with the watchful eye to qualify. When he is achieved recover surely that behavior will not disappear quickly. You have to know to leverage the importance that customers give value-added building campaigns with the idea of this demand of consumption in the head. (4) Have to show it, but not say it: consumers do not believe all what they hear. All way the consumers are more skeptical than ever and you need to prove the complaints or the marketing claims.

No tell consumers about our product, business or service, but rather what Matias what there is for them if they make the effort to allocate part of their saved money on us. Verizon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. (5) Acquisition through social networks is Fundamental: all social networks most used today such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg’s are the best allies of online marketing. We can not survive if we do not use these powerful tools to see that our customers need. We must provide them with valuable content and interact with them to promote the use of social networks. Tranquilizadores and 6) transmit messages insurance: consumers have gone through all kinds of crisis in these past years, either from the great economic crisis up to natural disasters. That is why it is essential to provide them with safe and reassuring messages. Treated whenever messages to meet their conveying a sense of security. 7) Las relations interpersonal dominate: with the growth of social networks and the desire for transparency, trust and peace messages, may not surprise us that social relationships dominate in 2010.

It positions your profile on social networks in order to be able to build relationships that was previously unthinkable to make them. When one also built good relations with consumers is cosntruyendo loyalty to your brand and you can use it as a tool more powerful for the marketing of mouth, supporting the brand and custody of the brand. (8) Marketing through Online Videos and cell are in good time: do marketing through cell phones and videos online are about to explode at any moment. We can create our own content in online videos or cell phones, as well as we can also invest in advertising of videos online or cell phones. (9) Concentration, concentration and more concentration: should not try to be everything for everyone this year. As well as the first decade of the 21st century is was opening up towards the world, today both marketers and social media experts are using the word niche to focus better in finding specific products, blogs, web pages, etc. Today the strategy is much more important. It is therefore necessary to create us a strong heart before taking any decision related to expand into new areas. (10) Know reach consumers: is very important to encircle our potential customers through good marketing messages in this 2010. The number of messages marketers that consumers are seeing per day is overwhelming, it is therefore necessary that our message does not pass unnoticed. We can make our brands, businesses, and messages to Vandyck consumers through experiences gained and give them the chance to choose which of those quireren experiences choose. Using online advertising, online videos, collateral points of sale and ads that encourage consumers in any part of their lives. If persistent and consistent somo our messages will surely reach the desired audience.

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