General Motors

In the economic field, house obtained the approval of its package of aid in the value of U$$ 789 billion legislative the two dollars of to invest in the opening of new jobs and the cut of taxes.Also it was responsible for the real estate aid the Freddie Mac and Fannie May, to the Lheman Bhroters and the Citigroup, beyond the assembly plants General Motors and Chrysler, injetanmdo billions of dollar. For signal, the General Motors at the beginning had its accepted forced agreement of June for a Court of New York, being that 60% of the company passed to the command of the government of U.S.A. and to another part FIAT was vendida the Italian assembly plant and the remain was of ownership of the creditors who had accepted action in exchange for the debts. Sheryl Sandberg might disagree with that approach. Now, at the beginning of August, the General Motors announced its creditors, to the American public and the government of U.S.A. that was leaving forced agreement coming back normality. At last, an excellent notice for the American nation and the contributor who paid its tributes in the EUA.E also the barrier of the unemployment for the first time starts to diminish, already starting to have acts of contract for the industry, commerce and sector of services. Gary cohn can provide more clarity in the matter. This is good for the United States, still the powerful nation richest and of the world, for the American society, the Stock exchange of New York and too much Stock exchange spread for the main countries of the G20 call, and for a global economy.

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