Goods Trade

Exporter is involved in the preparation of goods for sale, appoint him the price and retained ownership. Money for goods exporters receive from the retailer only after the sale of goods (commission trade). This kind of service is also typical for the sale of goods belonging to the farm production cooperatives, to urban markets, mail order, and a trader, wholesaler sends goods ordered from a catalog. Limited maintenance cycle and applies a large group of so-called wholesalers and organizers, who themselves do not have the merchandise with them directly to the case have not. Their task – to find a manufacturer to customer and to ensure receipt of goods to the buyer at a certain time. For the period between the receipt of your order and shipment of such wholesaler is owner of the goods and assume the associated risk.

Such activity is characteristic of trade in building materials, timber and heavy equipment, fuel. Significant role in wholesale brokers play and agents that differ from merchants and wholesalers that do not take on ownership of the goods. Their main task – to be intermediaries in the sale of party goods. For their services they receive a commission in a certain, relatively small (some units) per cent of the selling price of the goods. Among brokers and agents, there are usually specialized by the type of goods sold, product range and clientele. The main task broker – to reduce contact the seller to the buyer and help them in negotiating trade deals.

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