Grandmother Olga

Grandmother, never words I missed to show you and tell you when I love you. I remember many times when always told me (Tu Eres Mi only granddaughter Y Mi preferred Y Te Quiero much) and laughed when we said, good Grandma I really am the only granddaughter. I close my eyes and it is as if that moment you went through my mind, there remembering that moment in that I hugged strongly, and although his vocabulary was not the same, couldn’t find the perfect words to speak, understood you everything perfect and could talk pretty well and walking with the help of his Walker.Recuerdo moments of joy, Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, and all Saturdays spent the afternoon until 8: 00 pm here in my house, in the company of my dear grandmother Ana 94 years, best friends. Their goodbyes were admirable and give us an education, not all know how to appreciate a friendship and my grandmothers were fired and kissed as if never more return to see, between laughter and joy, we stayed watching us them, I I was always thoughtful with a smile on my lips and he admired that moment that rarely occur, a genuine friendship. My grandmother never complained, I was like her, it didn’t matter if he was wrong, for whatever reason I always said that it was fine, and always admire it and admire so that despite being in hospital worst thing that State, always it told us that it was fine. I will never forget your smile, that already I can not ever see, because my grandmother is not the same after 2 Strock, alzeimers and other diseases more, it will no longer walk, and known from time to time. When go to the hospital to see her, I wonder where this my grandmother? Thats not my grandmother, gaze is no longer equal, no longer smiles, does not speak, but very in the Fund remains as, always was strong-willed, independent, cheerful and positive and although you can not already prove it, she on the inside will remain the same.

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