Grape Chardonnay

Chardonnay is known to the strain of white grape which initially occurred in the region of Bourgogne. According to several investigations, it originated in the strains of Couais Blanc and Pinnoccio. And regardless of their origin, the chardonnay grape is a very widespread grape at international level, and is also cultivated in all countries of wine production. When the grain of grape aged in barrels of chip, it acquires certain qualities of aroma and flavor that set apart it and make it highly appreciated among consumers. You should drink it recent production because only some varieties accept to save it. The grain of the grape is characterized by being small and round and at the time of ferment, acquires a melon color.

Back to mature, the grain produces an aromatic grape juice and soft fruity appeal. This type of strain, can aging in the oak, which gives a very peculiar flavor wood, which like many. The wines from this grape have a smoked touch and mostly aging in barrels due to its properties as Glycerin and its low level of oxidation. The Chardonnay grape, is present in the colder areas of France, i.e. in Cote de Blancs, in los pedregales of Monttrachet, Chabilis and Champagne.

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