Greek Mythology

Here you will find information about gods and legendary figures of in Greek mythology with numerous cross-references. Many generations of European intelligence were brought up on the works of ancient authors, in Greek mythology. The name provoked certain figures and associations. For the modern man, the works of the classical period are often a mystery that you must guess using footnotes, explanations and comments. The beautiful Palace, which is filled with the treasures of wisdom and the fantasies, will be closed for him.

But it is really worth to remember the forgotten language of antiquity. The new role of the Church in society contributes collection of Greek myths to the popularization of the biblical and Evangelical subjects. Collections of the Greek myths are newly issued, translate the works of European researchers, the retellings of the mythological subjects for children and novels for adults are written. Legends with multiple versions in the There are several versions of this or that legend that are sometimes substantially different articles that are devoted to the Greek mythology. We know the most myths in the interpretation of certain authors.

All versions have the same rights, but of course that is also quite uncomfortable in Greek mythology. It can mess up the strict chronology and cause people to funny discoveries. In some sources, one can read that the Trojan war lasted for ten years, in others a larger number. There are differences not only in the subjects, but also in the interpretation, the interpretation of these or those figures. Prometej is represented by an author as a clever con man trying to annoy the ruler of Zeus, in the other, he sacrifices himself to help the people. The ancient local cults blended with the legends of the Greek pantheon of gods, they formed the Pantheon of gods. The Romans have kept for us many monuments of Greek mythology.

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