Hans Muhlbauer

The participants came from various well-known German event and Incentiveagenturen, event even to experience such a mark. Hans Muhlbauer, aboard the skipper and helmsman, the participation of the German event manager as one of the four foreign teams had only allows with his company and the Italian partners and sponsors. The regatta “Veladiamo”, this time the eighth edition, takes place every year in mid-September on the Adriatic coast from Pescara. Would such an event for your group/s? Ask for! About maritime incentives & events – by DMC-travel for nearly 30 years, the team of Hans Muhlbauer chartered boats and yachts with or without crew. Sailing yachts, motor yachts and catamarans for self-drive to the bare, Motorsailers, yachts with crew, exclusive luxury yachts, mega yachts and Super yachts. All these yachts to the Charter, i.e. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. rent, available at world’s 250 bases in the dream destinations of this world of. Yacht Charter, that is: detailed and internally experienced area knowledge, the intensive advising our customers in terms of area, travel time, yacht, facilities, Arrival etc.

come to fruition, stand out as a professional yacht Charter Agency special DMC travel. DMC travel, you get “sea-info” as only a charter yacht in world fisheries: no matter whether Croatia, Italy, Sardinia, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Caribbean, Seychelles and Australia – the area expert Hans Muhlbauer knows in terms of ports, bays, hinterland, rewarding excursions etc., and he works out an individual itinerary for you as a DMC customer love. DMC travel sailing trips – with sailing trips to the berth Charter for Einzelbucher and couples – flotilla cruises for couples, families and groups who attend this guided sailing trips on their own separate charter yacht held several times per year. These individual groups are appreciated by area newcomers who appreciate the experienced trip Director as knowledgeable area Guide. Also not so sailing experienced prefer a small group of sailors, because especially the often tricky port maneuvers succeed at easier assistance “with links.” The social Aspect is not to have the hand: during the day and at sea each crew designed their trip individually, but to the anchorage and the harbour is often more activity instead of as on, and with a single yacht.

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