HDTV On The Rise

Provider clean up and send in the lower frequency range TV in HD format is becoming increasingly popular due to the high image quality. The purchase of new equipment so many Germans on the important addition when “HD-ready”. Until recently, little made the most customers by, for example, cable Germany. The reason: The most popular HD channels (Arte, ARD, ZDF) were transferred in high frequencies, which could not be received by all households. This is about to change as quickly as possible according to the company. Ripple wanted to know more.

As the online Department store Announces shopping.de, moving ahead of the World Cup is completed 2010. To save the new HD programs on TV, an automatic station search is sufficient. Who basically would like to see the public TV channel in high-definition format, just pushing them on the front places. The customers of the largest German cable operator can but currently only dream of a variety. Except the HD versions of Arte, ARD and ZDF, there is no other stations in the clear area. Unitymedia, however, is another program (Servus TV HD) transfer, Kabel BW offers its customers in the subscription different niche channels such as Eurosport, MTVN, Penthouse in HD format. The offer of telephone companies is similar to that of the German cable network operators. Alice and T-Home send only the HD formats by Arte, ARD and ZDF.

Advantage of the customers of Deutsche Telekom is however faster transfer in VDSL (25 Mbit / s). Most likely a satellite system pays off however. There are a total of five HD programs in free free TV: Arte, ARD, ZDF, Anixe and Servus. In addition, many private radio stations offer encrypted formats in HD +. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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