High End Thin Clients Reduce IT And Energy Costs

sysob preserving offers for business environments Schorndorf, January 12, 2010 the sysob IT-distribution (www.sysob.com) has LISCON distributor three advanced thin client models in the range. The TC E5545 of the E-series is equipped with a larger Flash memory than its predecessor. In addition, the thin client with an extensive software image is equipped. The LISCON F-series has been supplemented with a new model. So the TC 503 from immediately the TC 403 replaced.

With the TC GT7725 G-series, a high end solution available, which is equipped with hardware components of manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the resellers. The use of thin clients reduced the IT or energy costs in the company. Because such a solution requires less than half of the electricity of a PC environment (around 85 Watts) with about 40 watts. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly. These savings affect also CO2 emissions the CO: you can be reduced to half. This is the result the study of PC comes to thin client vs.\”of the Fraunhofer Institute for environmental, Security and energy technology. While the Institute was facing energy and resource requirements of PC and thin client environments.

With its three new thin, the sysob partner LISCON offers high-performance, fanless solutions which save energy and space client models. LISCON TC E5545 of the successor of the TC E5540 delivers desktop performance for General Office applications or your specific industry software. In the thin client is characterised by improved features such as a larger Flash memory or a comprehensive software image. \”The solution is equipped with the hardware of the LISCON partners HP and with the LISCON OS and Microsoft Windows XP embedded\” available. For assistance, try visiting E Scott Mead. The user of the previous model TC E5540 can upgrade their device on the software version of the TC E5545. For this, an upgrade image downloads is available under in the support portal\”available. LISCON TC 503 exactly like its predecessor, the TC 403, is equipped with the device with the hardware by Fujitsu, as well as the LISCON OS.

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