High Performance Training

Apparently, all is clear – to organize Conversational Training through dialogue with the teacher to the student is somehow able to talk in English. Alas, most learners can not do this. So how can that be? This question is best can be solved by combining different methods of conversational training. The first method – using a specially adapted CD-ROM drive for self-conversation training. The second way – the use of special language laboratory. These methods are the foundation for the next stage of training – live communication with the teacher.

Figuratively speaking, the preliminary training session with the language laboratory and special CD-ROM Language Training System by Varich (VARICH-method) to you 'invested' phrase, but in the living communion of these phrases you use. This process requires work. Its needed, the amount of conversational exercises you should work out. Another, easier way does not exist. Anyone who thinks otherwise bitterly mistaken. Although, of course, tempting to take advantage of some miraculous way – whether magical signals, or '25-mi frames', or 'English through the subconscious', the Does cryptic methods scouts, diplomats and other other miracles. Do not believe in magic methods for pseudo-scientific study of languages! This is a waste of time, labor and money.

Now on CD-ROMs, audio courses, video courses. They are now a lot. The criterion for choosing one – the course is good when you hear good English phrases, when you have time to repeat them out loud and immediately sounds when the Russian translation. Listening without repeating aloud audio or video viewing is committed useless for language acquisition. At present, introduced a new highly efficient system of language training, Language Training System by Varich (VARICH-method) High Performance Training (3-4 times faster) achieved the unity of the specialized language laboratory, a special teaching methods and sets of CD-ROMs, aimed at organizing a highly conversational training. By classic definition of a high-tech communicative teaching method. In its entirety and, therefore, most effectively, this system is implemented in a specially equipped training centers, The School of World Communication (School Global communication). The main factor of high performance training centers for students is the use of SWC CD VARICH-independent method for home training and conversational, so it is introduced as required for training by the Language Training System by Varich (LTS)! Independent language learning using CD-ROM sets VARICH-method also enables you to significantly speed (3-4 times) to master them. CD-ROM Language Training System by Varich can used both for beginners and for advanced students to teach pupils, students and adults in various professions from the simplest language skills to higher levels, up to prepare for Exam on international certificates FCE, TOEFL, etc. CDs can also be used for teaching in all educational centers as an additional highly conversational training.

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