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The contributions of H. Alan Raymond (Administration in the Third Wave, 1988) has been very significant and they deserve to be taken into account, it says to us, that the educative system still is loaded towards the development of people through training by formula not through creative thought aspect that I share totally The context has changed, despite we continued looking for a formula instead of to try to develop an interactive process that requires thought. I more and more consider that as much the School of Administration and its postgraduates necessary, especially the one of Phases of the University of Carabobo, it requires of changes, reconstruction in its pensum academic, that guarantees one real interpretation of the needs of the surroundings, than really demand the enterprise sector of the region and the same country, position, that is certain, as it indicates Raymond, the scores of scholastic aptitude and the measurement of the academic success decayed seriously during this period of transition. Oracle has plenty of information regarding this issue. Exactly, this fall not only indicates that the educative system can be losing its capacity to be related to the society of the third wave and the businesses, but perhaps, that the system can not know how that to measure, since unfortunately it has happened in our means. The School of Administration and still its Postgraduate, did not know to plan its Human Resources and that note in the generation of relief of those professors who retired where its absence feels, put the level of present formation lets much say and that it is moderate, it is detected, I have been able since it to verify, to perceive, noticing administrative emptinesses that not them it provided, forcing that reality to investigate their causes and where the results, indicate clearly absence of experience, content of the subjects, deficiency of integration of the administrative systemic thought, ignorance of the interpretation of the real needs of the surroundings, bad definition of the profile of the professional to withdraw and of course, all this goes in decline not only of university, but of the country. .

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