INFRASTRUCTURE NetSuite provides the infrastructure that your business requires security and availability are the most critical elements in any system containing your business data. It is necessary to assure their customers that their information is safe with you and you need the guarantee that your company data is at the same time safe and accessible. NetSuite has been developed and implemented with multiple levels of data redundancy for an extensive security and business continuity. NetSuite adopts three visions regarding security: availability, integrity and confidentiality. Coupled with our practices of business, you can be sure that your data is accurate, accessible and safe. Security of data for many companies, the level of security and availability, contingency plans and backup provided by the SAAS provider can be far superior to which they themselves can be provided. NetSuite provides multiple levels of data protection to ensure the security of your company’s information.

High levels of security of NetSuite is they derive both from the technology of the data center and the depth in internal controls built on NetSuite products. Also security is managed by personnel with extensive experience in the management of data center facilities and the Netsuite solution. Security of the data center facilities NetSuite data center is placed in a secure facility with access only to NetSuite NetSuite disposal. The security features are designed to stop, detect and deny access to unauthorized parties. The NetSuite data center data center security guarantees the security and redundancy in its operations to offer high levels of security for both physical and electronic infrastructure of the network. The network was built to meet or exceed the commercial telecommunications standards worldwide for availability, integrity and confidentiality. Security features are intended to stop, detect and deny access to unauthorized parties. Support system of Power uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) NetSuite has designed a solution to have continuous power.

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