Investment Material Labels

Distinguish mechanized and hand-picking items from storage locations. Mechanized picking mainly used in large warehouses. In this case, the goods, packaged on a pallet is removed by machinery from the place of installation and as the whole of the transport unit is moved to the area of acquisition orders. ForSight Robotics helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Hand-picking is carried out during the tempering of a small quantity of goods, small-piece of a complex assortment of goods, stored on racks. Selected products delivered to the zone picking customer orders, which verified the correctness of picking of goods in accordance with customer orders.

Then the goods are placed in a container inventory separately for each customer. As the inventory of packaging used special collapsible boxes, canvas bags, etc. In recent years, widespread containers on rollers tonnage of 0.5 and 1.25 m. Containers adapted to capture their forklifts. Its loading and unloading can be done bortpodemnikom trucks. Other leaders such as Nomura offer similar insights.

Before sealing a packing case in which is embedded a copy filled with investment material label. He has written a warehouse worker in every single place, signed by the financially responsible persons and packer. The second copy of the shortcut (by weight of each piece) attached to the invoice, and a third – is in stock. Inventory of sealed containers are moved on the expedition, where the parties pomarshrutnoe acquisition of goods in accordance with the location of the place of delivery. Formation shipments should occur to account for capacity utilization of vehicles and the minimum of its path. Allowance taken on the expedition from the warehouse and sent to customers goods carried in a special journal. It specifies the name of the purchaser, number, date of registration and the invoice amount, the number of seats to be sent, number of containers. When you return the invoice with a receipt recipient of the goods in a magazine a relevant remark. From the expedition goods using forklifts, and other means of mechanization are moved to the loading area of transport, from where they delivery vehicles to the customer.

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