IPhone Extension For TYPO3

The mobile Internet is on the rise due to declining costs and the higher speed is increased by the use of UMTS connection and thereby the use of mobile Internet devices such as the iPhone overall. According to Morgan Stanley, it is expected that in 2020 there are up to ten times as many mobile devices as stationary PCs. According to a study by ifcom, has already been 19 per cent of the online population using the mobile Internet. 30 percent of them even up to two hours per day and another 30 per cent more than two hours per day. Surprising that there is now a TYPO3 extension, which allows a special presentation of Web page content for mobile devices. JQTouch, the extension of t3m_ iphoneweb based on the JavScript framework. By using the t3m_iphoneweb extension, creating iPhone optimised Web pages is made easy.

A short presentation video can be seen here: TYPO3 iPhone extension after installation is a separate page tree in the TYPO3 backend available. Here can I entered the content that should appear in the iPhone. Of course, in most cases, this will be a stripped down and limited to the Essentials version of the default Web site. The advantage of this approach is a media-friendly representation of content on the iPhone. Who reads already long disquisitions on the iPhone? Who does like to Web pages on the iPhone, written for a screen? The presentation of the content and navigation is aligned at the TYPO3 Extension t3m_ iphoneweb on the iPhone-style.

So that the content of the different page trees also will map correctly to the corresponding end devices, a switch in the main template that redirects in a fixed page tree is inserted. Owners of iPhones under can see what supplies using the extension as a result. team in medias, is a Web design agency with offices in Aachen and Hamburg specialising in TYPO3 and Magento. Andrea Frehse

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