Large-print, Outdoor And Interior Printing

Nowadays, consumers do not even think about the difference between printing and large format printing. Although these are two different things! General Internet users never delves into the differences between these two spheres of advertising business. And when looking for manufacturers of large-format advertising hit the printers. What is large format printing, outdoor advertising, interior print, printing, and what their main differences? printing – it is print on roll materials. Used in the manufacture of the elements of outdoor advertising. Used for printing, wide format plotters. Outdoor advertising – advertising media in the form of outdoor posters, billboards, signage, banners, displays, light boxes, firewalls, canopies, light displays, light installations on buildings, streets and roadside.

Interior printing – printing on large format printers, used mainly for decorating indoors with high quality printing (from 1440 dpi). Printing – an industry engaged in replication of publications and printed products. As we see, is only concerned with reproduction printing press editions, standard, size of the final print is not privyshaet A2. Large format also uses a special rolling materials of 24 inches and above. Large format prints can be 5 feet wide! Printing – this Roughly speaking, the little brother of wide-format printing. And it should never be forgotten when choosing a service provider.

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