Mainor Calderon Time

I am currently writing to them as people send them emails custom one at a time, file them in my folders as friends, chat with them once a week I tell them who I am, as I am, where I am, I tell them my sorrows and my achievements and try to establish a friendly relationship with them, never try to sell the business. (2) Do not program speak business of MLM in which I am, only give them the link, so they investigate on their own and decide if they should or not be part of this. When you have any question ask me regarding multi-tier, I keep the temptation to begin to talk about the business, I would refer them with my upline, (the leaders that I have more time in the business) to make them that resolved his doubts. (3) I am always honest with people coming to my page and not try to pretend that I am an expert in Network Marketing, I can tell you the time I’ve been of affiliate and how as I was understanding the system and the methods that I use to achieve that more people are aware of what I’m doing I give you email addresses of experienced members who have helped me to get ahead, so that they can contact them personally. (4) I try to select well my members that they enter through my page in such a way to be self-taught in the multilevel, not step much time with an affiliate trying to teach you everything you need to grow, because if it is not able to start to promote themselves and gain affiliates by itself, it won’t do for this business, only have dedicate enough time so that it starts and there let it walk only, that Yes, providing you with a site where they are all the necessary tools so that it can use them. (5) Do not seek to affiliate with hundreds of people, I am dedicated to affiliate with one or two people per month, but to be able to grow the network of affiliates, revenues are down to the fifth level, so I won by people who I synchronicity and those affiliated my affiliates, this is the power of multiplication..

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