Manager Child

To do this, Peter Nathanielsz expressed so that already starting at fertilization that will start process, which puts the control in motion within a genetic program: in his opinion of the hypothalamus in the brain of the fetus, rate, and review constant the maturity State of all organs and functions, such as a computer does. Until in the belly at the end almost will gives the child, it is done now, so it must now get out. Also, the scent of a fully baked cake of the housewife conveys that the cake is ready to be taken out of the oven. Who takes him too early or too late out, have left. Eat it suits no longer to the familiar, which is an otherwise while enjoying when the cake is taken at the right time out. If E.g. already at the moment of conception and the maturity in the mother’s womb a child’s genes include no musical talent, then it doesn’t change the fact even if this child exactly then is removed through such as caesarean section by a doctor, when musical talent or art talent is displayed on the astrological Natal. Alone by the radiation influence allegedly taken the star or planet in the sky, the child is certainly not the first breath is characterized in so far it that musical talent suddenly got Hokuspokustralala. For even more opinions, read materials from Ripple.

That was a Example of many more possibilities. But if conversely musical talent already in the genes of a growing child is predisposed, and this kid comes after C-section (so not in accordance its pulse) at a time, where the radix is, to detect any such gift or to read so we have the case, I think. The child is not in accordance with the force field that corresponds to his musical talents. But the force field of the Earth is E.g. just a headache weather here, rush, a kollekiven sense of stock market issues, strengthening of Manager talent, just not the ideal mood, which would be conducive to artistic skills yet.

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