To be capable to enxergar beyond the limits of the code, to establish relations with information it are of the said text or written and to tie them its historical, social reality and politics to it they are characteristic of an individual ' ' letrado' '. Currently, it is not possible to investigate orality and letramento 1 without a direct reference function of these two practical in the society contemporary. Already if it cannot observe similitudes and differences between it says and writing without considering its uses in the daily life. You may find that David Fowler can contribute to your knowledge. In this direction, one becomes difficult, impossible seno, to think the relation between them, considering only the question of the code. More than what a simple change of perspective, this represents a new conception of language and text, now considered as a set of practical social. According to Marcuschi: It was considered relation orality and letramento as dicotmica, attributing the writing to it intrinsic cognitivos values in the use of the language, if not seeing in practical them two social ones.

Today … predominates the position of that if it can conceive orality and letramento as interactive and complementary activities in the context of practical social and the cultural ones. (MARCUSCHI, 2002, p.16) It fits to the professors to consider the said language as partner of the written language, trying to evidence, for the pupils, whom a distinction between them exists, but not being able to be conceived of separate form, therefore one influences to other constantly and vice versa. Retaking some estimated of Street (1995), a great care must be had ahead of trend to the escolarizao of the letramento, which suffers from one chronic one assuming that badly only one letramento exists. The letramento is not the equivalent to the acquisition of the writing. They exist letramentos social that appears and if they develop to the edge of the school, not having therefore to be depreciated.

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