God through his prophets However he has never given exact dates, because fate and future depend on each one and humanity present. The exact dates for many people have a daunting effect that finally only increase the possible disaster, since every thought is energy and our fears or fears are also. If we don’t want to continue contributing to our thoughts and works to catastrophes have already start today to create a better world, the new era announced that begins within ourselves. However many ask why send us Dios these catastrophes, why does not intervene? These questions have only one answer: God does not send any catastrophe men, conversely, God always warned in a timely manner. He showed his sons the way back toward its divine origin.

In our time Dios returned to send a great prophet to men, Gabriele, the Prophet and Messenger of God, through which the announced and still announcing their message for 35 years and gives warnings to mankind one way that no one can ignore them. Many climatic disasters could have been avoided if the prophecy of God had listened back then at the present time, however, the majority of men, headed by the priestly caste, which was at all times against the prophets of God, nor previously ignored or today listening to his word. However today science hardly you can now hide the transformations that take place on Earth, because the effects are not only visible to many, if not that also can feel. Nor in this situation that seems hopeless, Dios is silent, the continues to speak to humanity through a woman who hosts inside the language of light of the spirit and express it with human words as which then pick up the book this is my word. Alpha and Omega: the materialistic world is gradually sinks in large spaces of time. In this powerful time of change will come above ground pests, diseases and terraqueas disasters. But this will not be even the end of this human time.

While the man wants to dominate the ground, shake is she opens. In this change of era, the eternal spirit incrementadamente radiates all the Suns and stars materials, and the universe incrementadamente radiates light, that looks like a fire. She will tumble over seas, so that they will come out of their beds, flooding and covering low-lying regions. And there will be stars that will transform the impure into pure. As a result of this influence of the light of God, and of the stars, on seas and Lands, planet Earth will become fertile again. All this will happen before the page has passed at all. Who, despite these effects that will come on the humanity to remain faithful to God, praise him and worship, will be safe and will build and will give life to new Earth with sowing the seeds of love.

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