Mexican SMEs On The Web

Perhaps many owners of micro, small and medium enterprises in Mexico think they have nothing to do on the Internet. They also mistakenly believe that a website is a luxury or advertising tool that should have because it is a more marked fashion. This undoubtedly is a lie. In late 2005, Ismael Sandoval Cervantes, Jose Francisco Navarrete Lozano, Ricardo Ramos Arturo Lopez Fausto Rosales and intended to sell websites, multimedia and 3D animation to a very competitive market in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. Thus, his company decided to lift imagenenmexico naming it. com.

And as with most businesses that start in the market, had a very low capital to make themselves known. Francisco says that the start was difficult to decide where to focus the limited resources that were in the company. When you start, you think the best option is to spend the little money that is told in fliers, says Ismael. Associates, Computer Systems Engineering, knew Internet is a powerful tool that could be useful for them to get noticed. Contrary to what is traditional print, radio or even television, imagenenmexico.

com bet to develop a strategy that allowed them to reach the world via the Internet at low cost. With virtually zero investment began to create a website with parameters that would help them in a short run to be within the top positions on popular search engines on the web. Many mistakenly believe that buying advertising on search engines is the solution. The reality is that after the credit becomes complicated these campaigns appear among the first thrown by a search page, so that the money invested, where it yielded no fruit at that time, it goes to waste.

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