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But another fact is surprising – why in most cases statistics are accessible only by password. I for some reason this infuriates strongly bloggers, well, from someone that you're hiding? Go to blogs that have statistics is public trust as something more – a certain feeling of openness, which adjusts to the user-friendly way. When it is clear that people from anybody not hiding anything 4. Good combination of colors. During the existence of the blog, I several times change the design until I found the best option. Old-timers on this blog will recall that at first there was not a good option – white text on black background – Minima Black.

But I listened to the advice and quickly changed the design. Sami tone need to be calm and not to irritate the eyes. 5. Feedburner. Originally, it was not here until Copernicus would not recommend to place. Nice to see – how this growing. As of today – 187 subscribers.

It seems like a good start. The idea is that this button-puzomerku should be seen. As new people subscribe by clicking on it. In addition, this indicator of success / failure of a blog. If you have a blog it has not – forget to 6. Graphic ads – Try not to hang more than two banners. Think about those feelings that feel when you see the advertising strips inserted into a favorite film. 7. Formatting text. Try to break up the text into small paragraphs. Moreover, guided not only by the rules of Russian language, but the number of characters in a paragraph. The optimum value of the paragraph – three sentences mean bulk. You can also select bold transition key moments and thoughts – especially sub-headings and numbering. This is done to facilitate the reading of the text, the text does not look like a sheet in which the eye "nothing to grasp." 8. If you have a blog on blogspote – remove requirement for visual confirmation, in the comments. Many people browsing blogs with graphics turned off. And in this case, if you press the confirmation right mouse button and choose "show picture" – Picture blocked. Have to include support for graphics and refresh the page, which is not very much and convenient. 9. Get a free guard. The most optimal number of links in it: 2-3 pieces. Pick up a good anchor, and insert a little accompanying text, as the link itself looks lonely. It is better to not refer to the main blog page, but on the specific post. And you can use a small token – to refer not only to the last post, but on interesting stock. Efficiency of them even higher. Sam sentry should be placed only and only at the end of Lent, but in no case in the beginning. Also do not recommend positions, consisting only of guard.

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