Blaklader supplies us with its high-quality, functional Blaklader gloves for the diverse backgrounds of craftsmen such as crafts, industry, bricklayer, painter, hygiene, road works and image clothing. Blaklader Blaklader gloves are a tool for everyday work for hard to simplify working workers. The functionality of their Blaklader gloves makes your job easier and give you maximum security. The motto of the Blaklader is the manufacturer of the Blaklader gloves with respect to their identity, their roots and to help maintain their brand and the spirit of Blaklader, develop, produce and sell them workwear, safety footwear and natural Blaklader gloves. Their products should make their job easier and give you maximum security.” Blaklader has high demands on functionality, quality and design, one of the leading suppliers of us in things for us Especially the Blaklader gloves in all markets where we represent are Workwear. Blaklader produced and their Blaklader sold gloves mainly for the Swedish market are 1959. You are now one of the largest Swedish manufacturers of high-quality and perfect work clothing, especially when their Blaklader gloves.

Their annual production in the own plants is approximately 1 million pieces of clothing. The distribution is Europe world through its own offices. In addition Blaklader is represented also in the following countries with their work clothes and the Blaklader gloves: Finland, Norway, Ireland, England, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Canada and Austria. Glove made of simple material that immediately tears is the boring construction you can still always often work gloves or work gloves in Germany. A product with no functions, which is also very cheap at the price. In Sweden and is the functionality and the satisfaction of the individual always in the first place and that’s why the Blaklader gloves are so popular in Sweden because she in is most important when it comes to strength, quality, functionality, wear safety, protection, and especially in the well-being of the individual.

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