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The messages are communicated through a system server directly on the BlackBerry devices. The existing WIFI network supports mobile communication. For the transmission of real time information, EXTEND uses 7000 different components: the device server the backbone of the system communicates with the wireless infrastructure of BlackBerrys for simultaneous sharing of information with the SCADA server. This in turn involves communication – notification – and trend server, which together take over the communication with the control. A Mitsubishi system-Q control acts as a gateway between the controllers of refrigerating units and EXTEND SCADA server top lower response time and higher system availability the innovative system EXTEND 7000 ensures an optimized flow of information and improved service processes within the refrigeration. Failures can be fixed now as soon as possible, significantly reduces downtime of the refrigeration.

Thanks to the successful use of EXTEND 7000 Budnikowksy is planning to integrate the system into the next step in the entire logistics process – conveyor technology and commissioning technology – as well as in the building automation system. About malware, the malicious GmbH was founded in November 2007 by Christian Schad in Hamburg. MALWARE has developed a unique system for the mobile operation and monitoring of machines and control systems: EXTEND 7000. This innovative system uses public wireless networks and provides mobile access to the systems, home and building automation control systems. Companies can save time with EXTEND 7000 and target use of personnel resources. According to EXTEND 7000 in various industries and sectors shall apply including, logistics, automotive, chemistry, building management, food industry, energy supply and oil & gas.

MALICIOUS offers its product international and it cooperates with certified partner companies from Europe and North America. Goal of the Hamburg-based company is to EXTEND 7000 as to establish a global standard for mobile access to programmable logic controllers. About IWAN BUDNIKOWSKY GmbH & co. KG the company IWAN BUDNIKOWSKY GmbH & co. KG is the leading drugstore market in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. With over 150 stores, BUDNIKOWSKY has an almost across-the-Board presence and notoriety in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. The owner-managed company founded in 1912 by Ivan BUDNIKOWSKY in Harburg as SOAP – special business and is now managed by the third and fourth generation of the family. The main branch, the Budnikowsky House, is located in the Hamburg-based Europe passage in downtown. Since 2003, the stores are supplied by the service centre in Hamburg-Allermohe. In addition to the range of conventional drug market articles, Budnikowsky opts for targeted an informed offer range of natural cosmetics and organic food. The assortment is characterised by beauty and health.

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