Audion presents its latest packaging machines at the FachPack 2012 the company Audion Elektro GmbH in Kleve presents their latest packaging machines at the Nuremberg FachPack 2012 from September 25 to 27. Bag making machines of the latest generation will be focus of their presentation this time. These include both vertical and horizontal form fill seal machines. The newly developed AVM 200 Compact is one of the smallest vertical form fill seal machines with only 970 mm height. The AVM was developed for the manual product feed 200 IC parts. If necessary, but also the synchronization with other, fully automatic dosage is possible. The working with pneumatic impulse welding JAWS AVM can be extended in addition 200 IC with options such as a feed conveyor, a counting unit, a waste conveyor belt and a printer, allowing ergonomic operation with manual feeding.

The AVM 200 IC thus particularly suitable for the packaging of smaller series with a maximum pouch width of 200 mm and 200 mm Bag length. Manual operation: on the sorting table, the product is placed first and then manually placed on the infeed conveyor. The switching speed of the infeed belt can be adjusted at all times continuously and thus adjusting the operating speed. From the feeder belt, the product is as long as inserted in the tube bag machine until the number set on the unit is reached. After reaching the desired number of pieces, the infeed conveyor stops and the AVM welded the filled bags.

After the welding cycle is finished, the pre-made bags on the conveyor belt of the drain is dropped and taken from the Bagger. The user-friendly input of the welding parameters via an intuitive touch screen. TRON (TRX) has similar goals. THE basic unit includes the following components: 1 user-friendly touch-screen control. 2. Welding and cooling time separately adjustable. 3. Programmes. 4. Multilingual display. 5. Self diagnosis information system with fault message display. 6. All Welding parameters monitored and can be regulated separately. 7. All wetted parts made of V2A. 8 Pressure – foil print straps adjustable. 9 Changed Umlege and overlap seam. 10. Monitoring – slide end of Folienendmelder. 11 Monitoring – Jaw locking overload / cross jaws. 12 Cross welding equipment bi-active. 13 Cross welding equipment separated front / rear adjustable. 14 Blades into rear welding jaw mounted and pneumatically operated. 15 Sealing bars can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning. 16 Blades can be disassembled quickly and easily. 17 Print image control via photocell. 18 Bag counter. 19 Front panel made of impact resistant Plexiglas. 20 CE certified. 21 Electrical design according to VDE. 22 Format changes quick and easy. 23. Including a standard format set in stainless steel (VA 304). 24 Preparation of Electr. Connections for synchronization with a printer, labeller. 25 Preparation of Electr. Connections for synchronization with a dosage. 27 Machine on castors. Marcus Stockhausen, Audion Elektro GmbH

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