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Mauritius – an island of volcanic origin, located in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar. Mauritius – is recognized worldwide etallon luxurious relaxation and the highest service. No matter what the hotels you may stopped, you will be offered spacious and comfortable accommodation, fine cuisine and excellent service. Maintenance staff of any hotel in Mauritius, after all your needs, but it will remain unnoticed and, incidentally, does not show the insincere Asian "homage" to the client. Mauritius – the country visa-free for Russians, but it is also indisputable argument in favor of the choice of location for their honeymoon.

You enter into a marriage in one of romantic places on the planet and the honeymoon begins immediately beyond the threshold of City Hall, a match made in Mauritius, will be recognized on the territory of Russia. Thus, we have convinced you that decision is made and you go to . Official Wedding in Mauritius term preparation of all documents from 2-6 months (but there are exceptions and terms are reduced to 10 days). The preparation process: For a marriage on the island of Mauritius in the first place is necessary to comply Some legal formalities in Port Louis. These formalities are issued for a day or two before the scheduled wedding day. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gary Kelly. Upon arrival at the hotel newlyweds will notify the date and time of the trip to Port Louis. One of the representatives of the host budeet accompany pair. If necessary, Russian guide will accompany the pair, along with a representative.

Pair must specify in advance all items of the marriage contract, since Marriage in Mauritius should be your decision in advance. 1. Community of property 2. Separate property 3. Notarized marriage contract drawn up in accordance with the wishes of the intending spouses. If the couple chooses This paragraph should provide the original contract. In the event that one party was married previously, the registration of marriage may be made no less than 300 days after divorce or death of a spouse / suprugi.Krome Facebook must predastavit medical opinion that bride is not pregnant by her ex-husband. Preparatory stage: Wedding Coordinator meets with the couple before or after all the formalities have already defined and designed to discuss all details regarding the conduct of the procedure of registration, registration numbers, a bouquet for the bride, cake, dinner, etc. After the marriage the client gets on his hands one copy of the certificate of marriage, if the client needs a second or third copy, it pays for them separately. All certificates issued by Russian citizens must be certified by Apostille in the office of Prime Minister, and signed to the marriage was recognized in Russia. Apostille takes about 4 days, when the client leaves the hotel before, it would send the document by mail, with notification. The cost of basic kit: from 1909 euros per pair (7 days, without airfare): Registration of marriage – 439 euros (double) room in the hotel – from 210 euros per couple per night (half board), from 1470 euros per week (for two) Flight – 2000 Euro (for two, in both end) Now we ask you to choose the hotel in which want to stay and get married. Also do not forget to check out important information about this tour.

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