Omni Expands In Europe – Reseller Wanted

After establishment of the European Office in Munich, the expert for identity management as SaS and CRM integration in Windows Outlook/Entourage looking for partner for the common growth. Greifenberg/Munich, January 26, 2010 the Canadian software company Omni ( launched in November its European operations. To now the spot even better serve customers and the number of customers continue to increase, seeks partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and throughout Europe. The requested partner should be worked in IT consulting of the user management or in the area of CRM and software also offer services. The products of Omni it is solution, and Riva integration server, the seamless integration of 12 different CRM systems in Windows Exchange and all Windows clients including Entourage, as well as in mobile browsing councils via ActiveSync and BlackBerry eControl, identity management as practical SaS. Omni’s solutions distinguish themselves for the users through the power of simplicty, it comes to processes always simplify and enable a more effective work.

It is in the user management or integration of the CRM system in the E-mail client.\” \”Explains Dr.-ing. Thomas M. Fleissner, Omni Germany we want to offer the best possible support to increase your sales partners and help them to expand their expertise at the customer’s place.\” The identity management solution eControl helps to save costs, to increase safety and to comply with statutory and internal regulations under the compliance. eControl makes no more complex user management. The motto is ease of use for users. So can time-consuming routine tasks of the IAM (identity & access management) as a Web application (software as a service) easy and quickly to non-IT employees delegated are. eControl, a cross-system management by Microsoft and Novell enables platforms on a joint or single platform. Replaced in companies that use these systems each alone, mixed, or at various locations eControl engineering-oriented management tools (MMC task pads, Novell ConsoleOne, iManager and others), require a complex permissions for supervisor and administrators through a single \”right free\” browser interface and allowing for the delegation of administrative tasks, especially on non-IT staff (self-administration). You may find Jos Shaver to be a useful source of information.

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