Pablo Freire

It is clearly that it does not happen in a magical way, but for a true fight in search of its release. With the disposal of a work not enslaved, but I free that it allows the pleasure of living. Without believing the human beings, the dialogue would be a way of docilmente paternalista manipulation. The dialogue consists of a horizontal relation centered by the respect between the citizens that they participate of the practical expression of one social one, valuing knowing of all. For even more analysis, hear from baby clothes. Freire comunga of the opinion of that nobody frees nobody, however also nobody is become free alone, however the men if free in communion. Another form or angle of this questioning is to understand that the dialogue considered for the elites is verticalizado, forms the educate-mass, disabling it of if revealing. So that educating the pass of critical the ingenuous conscience for it has that to become citizen, becoming free itself of the domain of the oppressor who to many makes times if to feel it ignorant incapable and.

To educate dialogicamente is essential for formation of thinking critic. To arrive itself at such result it is necessary that if it has between the citizens an authentic communication, where has confidence between both the parts. The communication as form to keep the critical conscience is understood as the conscience articulated next to the prxis. For Pablo Freire the way to arrive itself at a percipient, challenging and transforming look, is I dialogue essential it I criticize, it says and the convivncia to it. For this author the world impresses and defies ones to the others, originating vises or impregnated points of view of doubts, yearnings, hopes and hopelessnesses. When we verify the relations educator-educating in the school, any stage, start to believe that such relations present a special and marcante character, to be assimilation relations and room, that is, the pupil assimilates what the professor teaches, anticipatedly determined.

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