Personal Coaching

The Coaching is a process of training and learning, a discipline that very arises in its beginnings ligature to the sport activities, where the Coach accompanies to a person or equipment to obtain the wished results. With time, the practice of Coaching extended the sport space and it was nourished of diverse theoretical currents (*), abriendo to the possibility to all the people and organizations generally, to work aspects related to his development from this boarding. The Coaching works shortening the breach between the present situation of the Client and what this one sets out to obtain, increasing its capacity of effective action, its level of brings back to consciousness and responsibility on its behaviors. Personal Coaching The departure point of a process of personal Coaching is generally a goal that the Client this not being able to reach or a change situation that cannot approach. The subjects that consider can be related to personal, social, familiar or professional aspects. Through a series of conversations, in reflective space, the Coach accompanies to the Client in the exploration of the situation and the design of a clear plan of action, it takes that it to achieve concrete objectives, always from a strategy elaborated jointly. Although the actual way is most classic, the amount of people is increasing who take sessions from the remote type, using the options of chat, email, telephone or video conference; by the flexibility that offers this alternative. The time that lasts a process of Coaching depends on the specific needs of each Client, of the areas in which it wants to work, of the complexity of its objectives, of its rate and style of learning. To orientative way average of the process can be considered a duration enters 3 6 months, considering a weekly encounter.

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