Philosophy Of History

Introduction: The contribution is undeniable that the study of the Locality does to the fulfillment of the principles of education. In order to demonstrate before expressed, they are possible to be mentioned, to way of examples, the one of the entailment of the theory with the practice, the one of the scientific character of education, the one of the entailment of concrete it and the abstract thing, the one of the affordability of education, the one of the solidity of the knowledge, among others. The importance of the subject History in plans and training programs of Cuban teaching, is priority in our country by its importance in the formation humanist. The education of this, gives the possibility of knowing the past, to understand the present and to project the future. History is thus made carrying of a sense of shared community a world vision and a knowledge live that its own individuality extends, its present. Teaching History one looks for that the individual acquires the necessary knowledge so that the society in which it is immersed, acquires sense and reality. The study of Locality to the students contributes economic, historical knowledge among others to them, providing it with one is enough culture on its territory, as well as of as important feelings as they are the love to the mother country, especially to the place where we have been born, grown and where we will be developed like citizen plenary sessions. It is evident that Local History contributes to the formation and development of knowledge, values morals, objectives and codes of behavior with respect to the knowledge of Local History, for our generations is vitally important. In addition it allows the approach of the students to the investigation, that is to say, to the active search, to develop the affective relation from nearest them taking place the entailment of the theory with the practice at the same time as it allows to show the student since the facts or phenomena are materialized, they are objetivan and they influenced in his own life.

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