But if you do not have such a lens, do not worry! First, you can do it on Photoshop, but you can rent on a beautiful background and without it. Ann Maynard Gray may also support this cause. While some who order my photo shoot, just ask: "And we will have a background blurred?". From a distance and shoot with some height. The first rule is not very far from the subject, well, of course, if you 100-300 mm lens is not. Make sure that the subject is not lost in the frame.

In many textbooks they write that you never cut the head models, etc. Forget about them. I have a bunch of shots that peresvecheny, head cut off. These frames very interesting, what would the textbooks. Wrote about it and one of the most famous stock photos Yuri Arcurs. Second, remove the object based on its growth, rather than their own.

My height is about 185 cm, and if I was shooting kids just standing, they would all at Photographs, looked as if the Ostankino tower. Sit down on one knee. Not only is it suitable for shooting the girls, so his legs will seem longer and slimmer. If need be, then lie down. The most important thing in our profession a good shot! Take off on vacation. Imagine that we went to some other country, we are interested in and the sights and the people who live there. a) When photographing attractions put aperture of about 8.0. This will give a good dof. Monument (or there is something else) get a contrast, and will be visible to its texture, which, undoubtedly, will only improve your shot.

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