Power Pack For Kurzzeitcoachings

NLP Rhein-Neckar offers training to wingwave coach on what coach, counselor or therapist don’t want to: quick wins which bring clients closer to his target? Wingwave this desire can be achieved with the short time method is easier. Because the effective combination of NLP, Kinesiology, and EMDR, it will be possible to reduce the stress related to a coaching issue for the client in a very short time. For NLP ler-, coaches, consultants, trainers and therapists who want to expand their skills purposefully, NLP Rhein-Neckar offers now four-day training to certified wingwave coach. How wingwave works? wingwave combines the targeted interviewing of NLP with the possibility for the direct control of the stress trigger the kinesiologic ring test. This stress can be then highly effective and quickly resolve the bilateral hemisphere stimulation through Visual, auditory, or tactile stimuli.

Wingwave-coaching is particularly powerful in building personal resources, to resolve disruptive beliefs and in the regulation of stress. It enhances creativity, promotes a positive self-image and strengthens the goal orientation and self motivation. Limiting beliefs makes wingwave aware and turns them into resource beliefs. Personal stress resolves wingwave as stress in the social system as well in the form of internal blockades or fears. Those who are interested in an extension of his NLP -, coach, consultant, trainer or therapist competence, receives from NLP Rhein-Neckar at, via email at or by phone at 06201-870697 more information about the certified wingwave coach training in Weinheim an der Bergstrasse on the homepage.

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