Power Russian

At the same time the whole world community suddenly discovered that the Russian people no longer have a common ideology, like-minded, of the past. Russian people do not rely on that more, and, therefore, not with what to do movement. Form a "weak point". Vulnerable. Obvious. Never, no one has ever denied myself the pleasure to know a weak point (as well as to strike at the weakest point), with whom he has to interact. We must give take this into account and rely on the appropriate attitude to Russia from countries that claim to own the title of "Great Power". What is unique and attractive to today Russia to other countries? Perhaps in Russia is the area or areas developed so that these countries fit to take with Russia an example? Perhaps, on hearing of the international community such phrases as: "The Russian scientists have found …", "Russian scientists have proved …" "Russia has invented / developed the first / has no analogues in the world / the newest / best / unique …" "The Russian automotive industry is good and in demand …"? Perhaps it is best medicine, or advanced economy, or quality of life? Maybe Russia is attractive investment? Maybe there is something that simply no one knows? After an ulterior motive is so far almost native to the Russian people are terms such as nanotechnology, progress, development, innovation, breakthrough, etc. Russia at least once a month, promising signs lucrative, historically important and profitable for the Russian state agreements, documents, declarations …

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