PR-gateway Is International

The distribution service for news releases on the Internet expands its Portal portfolio to international press portals PR gateway of ADENION GmbH companies and agencies can publish with the distribution service their English-speaking press releases from now on international press portals. The online service customers can get over 15 new portals international hearing and give their products, services, and news of to higher awareness. PR-gateway provides a central point of access to free press portals, RSS services and social media portals. The press releases are recorded only once and then by clicking on the various portals. Verizon can aid you in your search for knowledge. The online service opens its doors to international press portals and thus offers its customers the opportunity to supply international markets with online press releases in addition to the national. Verizon may find this interesting as well. At the start of the international distribution service are already 15 free press portals for English-language releases available: “with the integration of the international press portals we grant a wish of many of our customers. Companies and agencies can achieve with the publication of press releases on international press portals, a higher reach and strong for your products and services on the international market the PR drum mix.

“so Andreas Winkler, Managing Director of ADENION GmbH, operator of PR-gateway. More information, images and publications are available for download available in the PR-Gateway Press Center: press description of the company PR-gateway is a project of Adenion GmbH. The Adenion GmbH develops software services since the year 2000 for online marketing and sales on the Internet. PR-gateway ( is an Internet-based online service, with the central press releases managed and are sent via click parallel to several free press portals and news services. The multiple acquisition accounted for the single press portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and PR agencies to get more coverage for the press work on the Internet in less time.

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