Also to obtain income on the part of the promoter of their Web, the majority of motors search has lately including payment options for those who wish to appear in first positions and some have even tried to take the way to list exclusively to those who pays for that reason. With this we mean that although the motor search urgently needs to update of constant way its data base, he is so great the amount of existing Web sites that to list its site is not something that can clear the dream to them. We are the one who we must work to obtain it. That he analyzes the motor search in our site? When the motor search " pasa" by to his it analyzes it site according to certain particular and variable factors, these factors are designed to optimize the entrance of data to the maximum and to do to the trustworthy, attractive and up-to-date finder but, but also to avoid the possible abuse on the part of webmaster. Imagines that fright would be that the 20 first positions of AltVista, Google or Yahoo would be for a same site, or that when keying " ebooks" they would appear sites of sale of carpets, this would therefore turn to the finder into an obsolete tool " spider" also it must analyze and distinguish the real thing of the possible fraud. We will emphasize the following points of analysis: Predominant words in the totality of the text of the Web? Frequency of words and terms? Proximity of words? Popularity of site One of the successful secrets but to be considered by these motors is to present/display an excellent site, text balance and with it puts-tags that they really indicate the content of the Web. We must try to be listed by the terms and words that really interest in the search of our product and to never fall in the trap to add popular terms that although very they are used do not identify our activity. .

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