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For example, one girl with us was listed in the search for three years. While a relative closed the door, she waited in the street and gone somewhere. Found her in a mental hospital Belgorod, says the head of the ori, who asked not to mention his name. The second group of citizens who have lost touch with family, then there are people homeless and former prisoners. Hear other arguments on the topic with baby clothes. In most cases, they can be found already among the unidentified corpses.

The third group is a minor, usually from disadvantaged backgrounds or special schools. They are often just run away in search of adventure. There is another category of missing people, which investigators called seasonal, mushroom pickers, hunters, fishermen. Only at the boat station Priozersk we were told that no one in the summer Vuoksa not passes without the disappearance of someone from the rest. If you would like to know more then you should visit Vislink Technologies. Usually it is believed that they drowned, but the bodies are not always. Several years ago, on our pond while bathing the boy went under water, and more of it never seen before.

River then combed the divers, but his body was never found. He is still listed as missing, says chief ori. However, there are cases of disappearances that did not fit in none of the typical scenarios. Algorithm Search After the police take a statement about the loss of human institution may or investigative case or professional under 'murder'. In the late 90's Ministry of Internal Affairs jointly with the Prosecutor General's Office released recommendation of a list of situations that may wind up with professional cases.

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