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Bangalore: Rates for shipping containers from India to Europe fell almost 40% last month, due to the fact that the global economic slowdown has started to slow demand for goods in different countries. Rates for shipping dropped to $ 650-700 (Rs31 ,655-34, 090) for standard trucking containers, from $ 1,050-1,100. "The situation is such that every year in October, waiting for cargo ships This year, the ships are waiting for the goods' said the head of an Indian company which is engaged in transportation containers to Europe, whose name was not called because company policy did not allow him soobschyat the information media. 'The ships that go to Europe is not fully loaded, the use of ships up to less than 80%' Experts in India on average sent 12,000 standard containers each week for a supplier in the period from January 2007 to August 2008, representing about 18% of total exports. Standard container represents the iron Box of 20 feet, which can carry up to 28 tons of cargo. 'We did not see growth in volumes this year Because of the undermining of Finance, large amounts of stone, granite located in warehouses in Europe, these products now, there is no demand, 'said head. 'Before this, India has supplied about 1400 containers with rice, sugar, stones, granite and marble slabs each week in Europe. The shipment was just lost, "he added.

'As a result, the basic ocean freight fell up to 650-700 dollars for a container of 1050-1100 dollars, a few months earlier, " official sources from the German company's trucking Hapag Lloyd ag. His name was not disclosed. Rates do not include additional taxes that surrounded the carriage, to reduce losses due to fluctuations in fuel prices and currency fluctuations. Marine rates in the sector of the India-Europe prepares to fall below. Beginning Nov. 19, United Arab Shipping Co.

and Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd will add airports Jawaharlal Nehru and Pipavav to their Far Eastern-European services. 'This will reduce the rates for shipping even more, "said a spokesman for Hapag Lloyd. Currently, about 40 ships owned by firms such as Hapag Lloyd, cma cgm sa, msc Bhd, Hamburg Sud, Shipping Corp. of India Ltd, K-Line, Safmarine Container Line, Maersk Line and Rickmers-Line GmbH and Cie. kg haul cargo from India to Europe. Leaders Transport said that more and more carriers send their ships in the transition from to Europe, deviated from the path to go through India and take a utility bill or bank consignment there, increasing the supersaturation of goods and thereby reducing the rates even more. "In manufacturing and logistics companies delay processes is 4-6 months. The effect of global crisis will manifest itself in lower cargo volumes in the March-April next year, 'said Head to the Hamburg Sud on condition of anonymity.

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