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Where is the question of what measures, according to present theories of vulnerability, must be carried out, can be avoided a crisis and stabilized the situation in the long term. In connection with the work found an intensive engagement with the aid project land for still-food’ instead of the NGO Mariphil. The work tries to verify that the implementation of the project will lead to a sustainable improvement of the living conditions of those involved in this context the thesis. This will determine also which way the project tries to optimize the income situation. The work is divided into eight major sections. The first section presents the background of the study and the question.

In addition, a brief overview of the structure of the work is given. The discussions within the vulnerability research form the basis for the empirical verification of the situation on the ground. The second chapter deals with these. He stands Related to food security in the foreground. At the beginning, approaches for vulnerability research are presented and examined for their applicability in the project area. The vulnerability concept dominated heavily by CHAMBERS, which is taken up again and again by different authors and is regarded as one of the most basic at all is the beginning.

Adjoining the interdependence-theoretical perspective. This is followed by the entitlement approach and the empowerment approach. In fifth place, the perspective of representatives of political economy and ecology is presented. Continue to demonstrate the various forms of vulnerability. The explanation of the means of identification of the degree of vulnerability of a region is the closure of the chapter. For the purpose, affecting to be be examined on one on individual groups, as in determining the vulnerability of the question must be clarified in advance, on what size the examined group or region responds accordingly. On the other hand, the factors are considered, the Allow conclusions on the degree of vulnerability. Here, a distinction between short – and long-term, external and internal causes is important. Continue is entered on the formation and the characteristics of a food crisis. Then the food crisis in relation to the vulnerability is considered and measures to prevent such a development are pointed out. The methodology of the survey will be presented in the third chapter. These include the conduct of the survey and evaluation methods in addition to the selection of the study area. Because the world market has great influence on the situation in the Philippines and in the region, their impact in the fourth chapter will examine more closely. In the fifth chapter, the data collection, assessment and analysis in the foreground are available. The relevant data will be presented, evaluated, compared and the results will be discussed at the end of the respective sub-chapter in relation to the concept of vulnerability. An overall assessment is made in the sixth chapter, before in the seventh closer on the project ‘land for food’ of the NGO ‘Mariphil project’ is entered. In the context of the description of the situation at the time of the survey, the advantages and disadvantages of the conversion of rice fields are listed in a digression in banana plantations. After a presentation of the project and a disclosure of the goals, the planned implementation is represented. Following the resulting opportunities and problems are identified and analyzed. Finally made an assessment of the situation in the regions studied and the Outlook in the eighth chapter on the opportunities arising from the project.

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