Since few years recycling has gone from being something foreign to us become part of our everyday life. Gone are the times in which tiles of the kitchen went to game with curtains, furniture and even food. It has arrived the day that we have three very visible dustbins and each of a color. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ripple. If my grandmother lifted his head while recycling (use the material of an object used to manufacture a new object) had so far been matter of companies or State rather than individuals, which have always tended naturally is to reuse, i.e., to give it a new use to the object that we are going to pull. And if there has been a field that always we are very used to recycle and, above all, to reuse, this is in the car. The first place where go to find spare parts car is a scrap, and this happens so long time. It is the largest example of recycling emerged naturally and without bells, which demonstrates that in the end the economic motivations tend to work.

And also that one industry in highly polluting principle has its ecological part of that learning. There was a component of the car that could not be reused until recently, because nobody goes to find spare parts car tyres. But now this also is being reported, and remains of tires to asphalt roads, such as acoustic insulation and for different rubber compounds being used. And it is that you for this case although it had a traditional reuse, such as swing or to avoid friction in a garage, is not sufficient to cover the stock. You have to adapt, as well as with cubes of colors in the kitchen.

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