Revolutionary Armed Forces

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Saints, authorizeed the Sodoma Operation in last day 16. Only in the dawn of the last Wednesday, 72 aircraft had launched 30 intelligent bombs more than of 226 kg each on the situated encampment in the area of known forest as There Macarena, in the department (been) of Goal. Three waves of bombings had banished Jojoy from its shelter, a on shelter of 300m2 to a complex chain of tunnels. Almost 24 hours after the bombings, 400 of the best combatants of the forces special of the Army, the Navy and the policy had gone down of rapel, from helicopters, and had mined focos of resistance. In accordance with surveys carried through for the Columbian policy, Surez Luis, by the way, Jorge Surez Briceo or ‘ Mono Jojoy’ , he was son of peasants been born in the department (in Brazil it is called here Been) of Boyac (north), having entered for the guerrila group in 1975. Specialists affirm that ‘ Mono Jojoy’ it was practically created with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Colombia (FARC, Communists), which knew for intermediary of its parents since the time where already it had six years. ‘ ‘ The mother of it was cook of Jacobo Arenas’ ‘ , one of the founders of the guerrilla, in 1964, and since small, it attended the lessons of marxism given by the guerrilla, counted to the AFP Ariel Avila, who during two years investigated the life of Briceo for the Commission of the Historical Memory of Colombia. The solicitor-generality of Colombia, Guillermo Mendoza, confirmed the death of Briceo in a bombing..

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