Richard Francis

And the return to the growth will be a vital opportunity so that the Peruvian economy is decidedly oriented to mainly reduce the social inequality via the equalization of opportunities. The crisis has forced to parate of great amount of projects of investment in Peru. It is for this reason that examining agency of credit risk Standard & Poor s, through its director of emergent markets, Richard Francis, makes a great bet when considering that the investments in the country will grow to accelerated rate. For Francis, in the next months we will attend an acceleration of the rate of thus also and mainly originating investments of public origin as of the private sector as much. Also the recovery that is registering the international prices of the raw materials, as happens to the quote of minerals, is another element that will accelerate the volume of investments. That more favorable surroundings also will help with a better performance the economic activity of Peru, trusted Francis on the matter.

Also the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) renewed its confidence in the Peruvian economy recently projecting that Peru will be one of the countries more benefitting with the rise in the international prices of the commodities, mainly the miners, who hope after that world-wide crisis has touched bottom. And the investment announcements already are taking shape. To name only some, the past Thursday Peruvian minister of Energy and Minas, Pedro Sanchez, announced that a partnership led by the Pluspetrol Argentinean will invest to US$ 200 million to extend the gas reserves in its gigantic deposit of Camisea in Peru, investment that will take place from 2010 to 2015. The investments in the power sector for period 2009-2010 in Peru are considered according to Perpetro, at the moment in US$ 1,500 million. Not only the power sector will gain major dynamism in the next months, but all that to the infrastructure will attract the investors.

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