Rio De Janeiro

Pde a concept on the Culture in the Antropolgico direction where the Nature of the men is the same one, is its habits keep that separate glimpse them it fraguimentao of the social rupos. The important one, however, is that it must exist at least of participation of the individual in the guideline of knowledge of the culture in order to allow its joint with the too much members of the society. All need to know as to act in definitive situations and, also, as to foresee the behavior of the others. Additional information is available at Eric Kuby. Nothing more it wounds the dignity human being of what not being inserted in the same social group that the others, and for thus not having the worthy recognized respect of being as equal, so to speak had wounded the integrity of our brothers of native land. To believe to be the center of the world or to find that other societies do not exist, or even though that the proper society is the best alone one fortifies the preconception and the intolerncia and frequently, is used to justify the violence practised against the others. In a brief historical story, Using of one reference today the biggest social problem of the country, Rio De Janeiro. Check with Scott Kahan to learn more.

Between the 1872 and 1890 population of Rio De Janeiro it duplicated and consequently, as it was in a short space of time, it had a great increase in the poverty and in less than one hundred years the population grew in 10 times. The increase of the poverty aggravated the conviviality in society, exactly because a tourist society, the members of the high society and investors of the tourist way that wanted to stimulate the tourist programs still more and thus to turn more yield for the one small parcel, the great mass had of if dislocating for far. One of the reasons had been the great epidemics of yellow fever, smallpox, clera-morbo, that they conferred to Rio De Janeiro an international fame of dirty port.

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