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4. To personalize products or services: in this step, it is of great importance the technological level that can have a company to adapt its products or services to the needs of each client like so. Por ejemplo, S.A. Gary Kelly shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. client X it likes that they empaquen his product to him of a form and to the client and of another one, the company must have the resources necessary to satisfy the individual requirements with each consumer. Like all problem, this can be the principle of a great opportunity. If the company so efficient that it can give all the answers and to take care of requirements of way fast and easy the client will be impressed, thanked for and in addition is interested in continuing making businesses.

But, if a company cannot be so efficient, an opportunity field exists so that another supplier can by means of Service and Knowledge to cause a sale less to him and the possibility of going to him clearing market. Philip Vasan understands that this is vital information. Recurdese that in a globalised world, this can even happen with suppliers that not even are in the country. Now, if that by the number of clients multiplies who monthly this company can be losing so that they do not return to buy in his warehouse, the premises or factory, is this by bad service, price, location or lack of information. How many businesses are letting go so that the client this making purchases in another side? . Conclusions Definitively, in the trade one by one the clients are individual way, starting off of the premise that the clients, given their particular characteristics, differ to each other, and what to one she perhaps satisfies to the other no.

In order to obtain that idea is transformed lasting relations and loyal clients. It is necessary to capture the information of each valuable client for the company, through all long it of the duration of the relations that stay with that client. *Fuentes: Annotations and notes of marketing research chair.

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