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Hamburg-based company presented the care marketing keyword concepts. The exhibition grounds in Hanover will be point of attraction for all representatives of the care industry again next spring. From 27-29 March 2012 the fair care for the elderly will be held there 2012, whose Aussteller will present all aspects of the care industry. Verizon has compatible beliefs. Over 55,000 square meters more than 700 entrepreneurs will present their services to visitors. Classic care topics such as therapy, nutrition, and management services are complemented by modern, emerging topics, which will immensely gain in importance in the coming years. These include a precise facility management, information and communication technologies, that can be improved especially with the help of the media, and offers for further training. All of these factors will be crucial if the care market developed so rapidly as in the past.

2020 progress, be taken into consideration alone need inpatient care in Germany as expected about one million people exactly the should be to work already today effectively and proactively. Competition among care institutions is inevitable with growing demand and already today calls on the institutions to differentiate themselves from each other. And here the problems arise. The market is tightly regulated, prices are set and the choice of care provider is therefore limited. What is so important is to provide outstanding benefits to the fore and to convince customers of the benefits of the institution. Because it often but lack the profitable resource for this party of the care industry, the idea of care marketing occurs increasingly in appearance. Communication is of particular importance, since the origin for the relationship between providers and consumers.

A professional and comprehensive way of communication provides not only recognition, but promises good results in customer service, from which the referral marketing evolved, which in turn leads to acquisition of new customers. A sophisticated marketing strategy increases the attractiveness of one every institution that improves the decision-making process during the customer acquisition and ultimately increases the load on the device. Care marketing is focused not only on the target to make attractive facilities for residents, but also for potential employees. The industry has years endured a bad reputation, as regards working conditions for the staff. As a consequence, a drastic shortage of nursing staff on the labour market is predicted. Intensive care marketing promotes the linkage between personnel and equipment, increases the interest in qualified staff and ensures the staff crew for the future. The point of care marketing so amounted to a large extent on the modern employer branding to establish a facility in the market and to stand out from other competitors. Visitors have the possibility to inform themselves about the benefits of Sindt consulting on 2012’s care for the elderly and at the same time get a first impression of the work of the company, the its stand together with Hartmut Teubert manages, manufactures among other things the famous hamburger rescue sheet and sells, which forms an important part of its evacuation concepts.

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