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BI-oil: Millions of women worldwide the secret of skin care for scars and stretch marks Berlin, may 2011 already know the little secret of flawless and beautiful skin. This secret now also in Germany will be revealed in May 2011. Because bi-oil, the success product for scars and stretch marks in 22 countries, finally coming to Germany. The face and body skin care specialist helps to improve the appearance of new or existing scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. In addition, the light oil is characterised by a moisturising effect and is suitable also for demanding and dry skin. Rich as an oil and lightly like a lotion thanks to its special formulation bi-oil combines the advantages of a maintenance oil with the properties of a lotion in one product. Oils are free of water and are therefore particularly suitable as storage of quality caring ingredients. Unfortunately they take a greasy film bad into the skin an and leave often.

Lotions, however, are due to their high water content is quickly absorbed by the skin. However, the active ingredients, without the additional involvement of preservatives, are decomposed faster. Thanks to the use of the special ingredient, the new bi-oil PurCellin oil combines the advantages of both products. It has the skin-soothing properties of oil and is so easy to handle like a lotion. Because the addition of PurCellin oil bi-oil is considerably thinner than conventional oils, absorbs so much easier and ensures a targeted release of specific substances. As particularly effective, valuable ingredients such as vitamin A, marigold extract, the vegetable oils of lavender and Rosemary, as well as the oil of Roman Chamomile can be recorded from the skin. Worldwide users are convinced of the power of bi-oil.

And scientific application studies have shown the positive effect: the majority of the users, results in investigations that are the appearance of their skin for scars, stretch marks or uneven skin tone has improved within a few weeks. Product facts skin care specialist for scars, stretch marks, irregular skin tone, mature and dry skin rich as an oil, slightly like a lotion fast feeding and non greasy thanks to the special ingredient PurCellin oil valuable combination of active ingredients with vitamin A, marigold extract, oil of Roman Chamomile, lavender and rosemary oil for the face and body for all skin types suitable content: 60 ml available in drugstores, pharmacies and food retail MSRP: approx. 11.95 background Union Swiss/delta pronatura Union Swiss from Cape Town’s cosmetic companies began in early 2000 with the worldwide marketing of bi-oil. Today, millions of women in 22 countries already using the light oil for their beauty. From may, bi-oil is introduced through the medium-sized branded company delta pronatura also on the German and Austrian market. The company employs in its third generation approximately 200 employees at the current production site in Egelsbach near Frankfurt am Main. Pronatura today including the successful brands Dr. Beckmann and Bullrich and Blistex belong to delta’s brand portfolio. With acquisition of the distribution license for bi-oil, positioned the company in the segment of skin care oils and is further expanding its health & beauty care category.

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