In this study themes ploughs being developed in that the difficulties of socialization of these bearers ploughs evaluated. Sheryl Sandberg gathered all the information. He/she was considered that with this research that the bearers have prejudiced socialization due you his/her capacity you develop reciprocal social interactions that ploughs limited, will be the absence of social initiations with to their companions and sensibility lack you the initiations of to other ones in agreement with the consulted literature. Word-key: Infantile autism, prejudices and social insert. INTRODUCTION the autismo is an upheaval defined for alterations gifts before the three years of age and that it is characterized for qualitative alterations in the communication, the social interaction and the use of the imagination. Although to be a riot rare, it enters 10.000 children 2 the 5 present autismo, it occurs frequently in the masculine sex, and for presenting as the one of its etiologies genetics, to a bigger probability of brothers of autistas to present autismo of what children without familiar history (ALMEIDA; DRATCU; LARANJEIRA, 1996).

Ahead of this, it was arisen problematic which the difficulties of socialization of the carriers of infantile autismo, leaving of the estimated one Thus being, this article has as objective generality to understand the difficulty of the socialization of these carriers of infantile autismo. Moreover, it is considered to investigate the unfolding of this question in specific objectives that consist of, to describe the difficulties of the current care when dealing with this patient; to identify the causes, the signals and symptoms and the treatment of this pathology. In this perspective the present work if justifies, a time that this riot contributes for one high index of preconception, mainly, between adolescents and young. This work also oportuniza an educative action with intention to guide on the necessity of the social insertion of these carriers. On the basis of the acquired data it is concluded dimension of the upheaval, observed in elapsing of the carried through research, attempting against it the difficulties of the carrying children of autismo if to insert in the society, due an limited communication.

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