Stock Corporation Act

So the expectation is that the women through greater transparency quite respond. This transparency gives a certain ammunition women, society, and politics. Mrs Minister Schroder uses This transparency and it expands by their women-career index. In addition to the figures for Executive and supervisory boards there together also so-called mixing numbers, i.e. Executive and supervisory boards.

From this arises, how many women in body positions are represented. So manufactured comparability with other countries, for example France, which knows only a body of the company. There are now also European level these figures at a glance. This also creates peer pressure. I think that this approach is more the interests of the company and will be just the company, because it takes her responsibility to duty. We want that the Board of directors meet their tasks, they but do not incapacitate. Well, takes the companies ultimately also in the obligation. Weber-Rey: no but the specific situation in each sector or the company to consider.

So, it looks as if the rigid quota is not more so easily avoidable. Section 116 of the Stock Corporation Act is subject to the Supervisory Board of a duty of care, so, the best thing for the company to do is required. Facing a long wave of litigation by men and women with challenges against Supervisory Council orders and decrees German stock corporations? Weber-Rey: I will not exclude that professional plaintiffs, who work with quasi extortionate methods, try somehow to make use. That the quota due to breach of care now will lead to actions, I can not imagine that. Although the self organisation belongs to the diligence of the Supervisory Board. It is however largely to supplement this legal duty to the Diversitatsaspekt. It is accessible only with legal obligations. What are the legal consequences? Immediately after the code: it must be produced to a transparency.

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