The Act

Be grateful, feeling the grace, the wonderful gift of being alive, to have the opportunity to love and give our love to others we synchronized with the primordial sense of our feel: giving and receiving. Love and be loved. Everything is one. The Act is the same, finally one realizes that grace, feeling grateful, is feel that overall union and recognize all lovingly who we are: the brilliant feeling of unity that carries live in love. Get your work (Gyo Wo Hageme) know thyself, says the proverb Greek. That is the key and Foundation of inner work.

Do your job, what you have to do at every moment, not what you make or force you to do but what you feel you truly have to do; and here important thing is not what we do in itself, but the attitude, what motivates us to do so. Doing Reiki, how to meditate, practice yoga or perform any other type of work, the basic thing is to know we do it from the inside, in keeping with our hearts, and then everything we do will be continuous and deep self-discovery. The basic work that we carry out at all times is live. Life is the work center, school, lab, the abode and the temple. Therefore, anything that we do is equivalent to doing our job if our attitude is appropriate, that is, doing so with vocation, dedication, looking inside to take off and put the best our in the marked task. No matter what you do, but how to do it. That is the key. Practice your Reiki with the aim of reaching you, practice yourself.

Practice all work with the same vocation. Get your work. Be yourself and put what you are in your action. I know friendly and respectful with all beings (milestone Ni Shinsetsu Ni) as it says the biblical principle: love thy neighbor as thyself. But this only can be achieved, lived in a total form if we start with ourselves. One cannot love others if not love himself. It is a basic principle. Start work from outside can be surely much more expensive that start from within. When one begins to be friendly and respectful with oneself, that is not another thing to be aware of its actual being, all love, be kind and respectful to others is the more natural and consistent act what can happen. The strength of love toward one is like a wonderful waterfall of energy that leaves projected towards others, making participants to others in this bath of light and purity that we enjoy. Love yourself and be complete love, forget the you and the me, mine and yours. Love for oneself, the authentic and well understood, removes all border, all separation, is total, compassionate, love in continuous delivery of equals. The important thing love is not the object toward which goes that love but the love itself. It is like the zen saying of the finger which focuses on the Moon and one stays looking finger. What we love focuses on a place: to love. If the love love love all things, all beings, and being kind and respectful with them is something that will be part of you, will be where your energy goes spontaneously.

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