The Faces

It arrives more early without Migrantino perceived. Desnescessrio to say the constragimento degree that if followed. Exactly with its millions of order of excuses, while it arranged its clothes. When contemplating those mmias, remembered the dummies, although these to cause it a certain distrust when touching them. According to instructions of Anael, it must have very well-taken care of when making the service, mainly the one that was in the hall to the side. Therefore it was of most famous fara Egyptian, Tutankamon.

It left generally it finally. Its sarcfago was in horizontal position. Displayed on a marble base with more or less 50 centimeters of height. Check out State Street for additional information. Encircled of the four sides for small stairs of 3 steps. All this area was surrounded for a thick chain, with great golden links. To clean it, it no could touching directly. Uava a special type of fan to remove with care some possible dust. Normalmtente its schedule of service was of the six nine hours of the morning, when the museum it would open for the public visitation. To know more about this subject visit Adam Portnoy.

Normally in that block of the Migrantino building he was always alone making its service. In a certain morning, while it made its work, it heard some movement of people in the floor of low. It seemed impossible, therefore it never notices the presence of nobody in the building every day where it works. But the racket of the movement started to bother to it. It leaves its room to be able to inquire what he could be. For its surprise, to from above look of as walking, a small multitude of men fantasiados with strange clothes notices, colored. The faces painted, holding masks in its hands. They seemed fantasiados of indians. But it was not accurately this. Its clothes were made of a similar material the straw. Some used hats, others a strange type of horns.

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