The First

Any way to answer it, you It will reveal very relevant information from your goal of life. This is the first level in terms of personal motivation and live aligned with your purpose of life. In fact most of the people who appreciate his work found at this level. Write down everything that you like to do, not only as regards to your career or profession, everything that you like to do even if you are walking your dogs, play tourist, etc. You’ll probably get a very long list of activities that you enjoy doing.

Once you’re done, only then answer the following question:. what I love to do? Here there is a big difference with the previous question, and it will depend on your own meaning of passionate. Probably several of the activities mentioned in the previous question be repeated, that’s okay. Perhaps appear new that not even you had referred to in the previous question, better still. Navigate to the deepest part of your being and writes everything that comes to mind, what you love to do? The excitement here is more intense, and we could start talking excitation by something. If you have trouble I work to discern between the two, takes a dictionary and finds the definition of love and passionate.

We’ll give you a tip: when something excites you, your being vibrates with excitement. Eg: Can you like ice cream, but you feel no vibes of emotion by eat one, it is only an example, find yours. When you’ve finished exploring and write what you love to do then answer the following question: what I love to do? have you ever wondered what before?, you’ve confused it with what you like to do? Certainly to find personal motivation required to reach your goal of life is essential to know what housewives do in life. Here your fuel to achieve what will be generated veniste to do in your life.

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