The Good

Half-measures not work time now. We all have failed and are largely facing a pile of debris a part of even horrible development. We have realized not even a warm cup of coffee and a roll with butter, for everyone, in the sense of justice – either in the world or here in Europe. It is just shameful for us overlooking the intellectual development and education, through which we have gone that partly but also happily exist in the small -. It lacks the morals and ethics, without that freedom, not to achieve justice and democracy as well, is. The loose, global community of economic and financial markets has created with false, flimsy, economic rules, a disaster, in which a few a few freedoms enjoy and it go well more a few who on the freedoms of those who emancipate and suck mindlessly like kids on her nipples and to leave. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Ellison here. The rest of humanity, a few billion, were violated and let their painful existence. You will not even small freedoms in the strict sense of the term granted, no they are tortured even in their suffering and flayed.

Yes, that is now time really and if you don’t believe this, should look in the news or hear, he might then smarter. It is not better by looking the other way and ignore the realities of the given truths. It is seen only the good and replaced the rest. However, one must admit also the honesty that this repression has also positive sides and so some of us has preserved about depression and the sofa, the psychologists. Although, this is also partly clouded macabre situation, a sustainable solution must be sought and this actually, is located right in front of our nose, have recognized long it some who try to master the economies and their Governments, with their fair-weather mini upturn of 2 / 3 per cent, which is swallowed up by inflation and interest rates, prosperity for all, if any exists recovery more and more a rarity and the opposite is the case.

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